First Logo: Over the usual cloud background, we pan past an extreme close up of the Snow Queen's legs and feet, covered in the gown of course, then dissolve into a pan of the Po Panda in the print artwork style except for the body and the legs and hands, in black and white color. The pan the quickly dissolves into a shot from the center of Panda in black and white color, albeit in a close-up fashion, and then a dissolve to the Snow Queen zooming out of her face. The logo then dissolves to reveal the Snow Queen and Panda side-by-side on a cloud background in their print artworks styles, with "QUEEN ELSA PO PANDA" slightly sliding with "HOME ENTERTAINMENT", in smaller front, fading in letter-by-letter and the logo disappears after two light streaks in a straight horizontal fade out completely at the end.

Second Logo: On a screen filled with clouds, the words "QUEEN ELSA" spelling itself standard and "PO PANDA" spelling itself backwards letter-by-letter, handsomely done in silver text, tumble onto the screen, "QUEEN ELSA" coming from the upper right and "PO PANDA" coming from the lower left. The clouds clear, revealing a nice backdrop of clouds and two white, boxes. As the boxes die down, the Elsa Snow Queen zooms in towards us in the left box, and we see the Panda in his similar style in the logo, black and white in the right box, leaving in the Queen Elsa box. The words "QUEEN ELSA" and "PO PANDA" later change to gold littering and position themselves under the boxes, and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" zooms out from the top, at warp speed, land below the QE-PP text, causing the phaser effect to appear around it, which suddenly disappears.